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All it takes is all of us

You probably chose Western for lots of reasons.

The program you’re in, the beautiful campus, the plentiful geese population. But maybe the most important reason is that it fulfilled the dream that you’ve always had of University.

A place where you could make memories that would last a lifetime.
A place where you’d study something you’re really passionate about.
A place where you’d meet your best friend, business or life partner.
A place where you’d learn that a greasy breakfast really is the best hangover cure.

But that experience, that dream, those memories - they’re at risk.
The entire student experience is at risk.

This fall Western students will make one of the most important decisions in student life history. And you have an opportunity to be a part of that decision.
When you pay your tuition, opt-in.

Opt in to:

Advocacy • Student Life • Peer Programs • Clubs • Orientation • Student Grants • The Gazette • Radio Western • The Student Refugee Program • Daycare • The Marching Band • Legal Services • Faculty and Affiliate Councils

Let’s end this nightmare before it begins. We can save the student experience. Don’t let people tell you that opting out won’t change anything. It will. And your future at Western won’t be the same unless you opt-in. Because the experiences we make on campus together, are forever.

Opting out drives the steady decline of culture on campus.
— Bardia Jalayer, USC President

all it takes
is all of us